Globe Environmental

About us

Globe Environmental Ltd. was created to provide high quality remediation of industrial and domestic oil spillages.  We work closely with the international scientific community, which is one of our greatest assets, and keeps us on the forefront of emerging research and technologies.  We believe in designing individual remediation solutions for each site which ensures that the most appropriate and cost effective solution is employed within the given time frame.  Our one-stop remediation service ensures that Globe is the number one choice for all your hydrocarbon remediation needs, regardless of scale.  You can be assured that by choosing Globe, you are choosing the best that modern science has to offer.


Who we work for

We work for a diverse range of customers and provide individual solutions for a wide range of issues.


The Process

Because time is critical when dealing with pollution events our Globe Environmental team is at hand 24/7. This ensures that spills can be mitigated before they spread and that remediation costs are minimised.

Firstly with our 24 hour call out service we will carry out a rapid site investigation.

And secondly by applying modelling techniques we will ensure that the correct remediation solution is implemented as soon as possible.

Our services include

  • 24 Hour Call Out Service
  • Oil Spill Response
  • Remediation of Domestic and Industrial Oil Spillages
  • Pollution Incident Response Planning
  • Pollution Regulations Compliance Audits
  • Property and Site Audit Services
  • Cradle to Grave Project Management
  • Licensed Waste Disposal
  • Site Investigations
  • Brownfield Site Development
  • Environmental Consulting